Mindfulness Course for Health Conditions

with Mihaela


Chronic pain and illness are common, disabling, exhausting inner resources and affecting pretty much all aspects of a person’s life. Medication provides some relief but it is often not enough to ensure a good life, as many times the overall quality of life remains low.

Mindful meditation and specially adapted mindful movements techniques provide are valuable tools for addressing both the primary sufferance, but also, most significantly, the secondary sufferance. 

This course draws knowledge from the courses of the well-known mindfulness teacher and author Vidyamala Burch, but also from other approaches that tackle pain and illness using mindfulness, such as Gardner-Nix. Furthermore, specific relevant psychological concepts are presented, in relation to the changes triggered in the mind when our health is the challenging element of our life. 

The basic method of mindfulness is used, focusing attention on body sensations, emotions, fluctuations of thoughts and breathing help the practitioner to understand the intimate mechanisms of the mind and to learn how to adjust to integrate the new health situation of your life. The experiential and interactive course is conceived to ensure progressive development, providing a safe space for observation, experimentation and learning.


Who can take this course

If you are dealing with pain or a specific health condition, or if you are a carer of such a person, then this course is for you. It can help you to better manage your resources and to even provide you with a breakthrough sometimes, improving life significantly, despite the health-related problems.

The course is designed for those who have a baseline knowledge with mindfulness, either having followed previously MBSR courses, or mindfulness courses in other formats.

Mindfulness Course for Health Conditions setting

  • 3+1 weekly sessions of 2 hours each
  • Currently only online courses are possible. As soon as possible face-to-face courses will be organized

What is included in the course

  • Formal practice – mindfulness techniques adapted to health conditions
  • Theoretical elements and assessment tools for better understanding how to deal with health conditions
  • Sharing experience in the group as well as personal exploration and guidance
  • Course handout to support the class teachings
  •  Audio recordings to support with the daily practice

What do you need for a successful experience?

  • The Mindfulness Course for Health Conditions outcomes are based on mobilising internal resources. Commitment to a daily practice of 20-30 minutes is expected when registering the course. While this requirement may seem difficult to achieve for some, it often proves to be easier than it looks, as the practice itself creates gradually the necessary space in our mind and life for the practice  
  • A quiet room for the daily practice, as much as possible
  • A yoga mat (or equivalent), some cushions or pillows to support your practice and a chair for those that cannot do the practice on a mat

Energy exchange

170 Euro

For subsidized registration please contact us via email.

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