Mindfulness workshop for parents

with Jessica


The Mindful Parenting workshop series is for you if you are a parent or take care of children in any other way and would like to learn how to regulate your stress in a different way, to better take care of your own needs and improve the interaction with your child. In the training, you will learn to become aware of your own experience, to take care of your needs and be kinder towards yourself. You will also learn to use mindfulness during stressful situations with your child, for example  when you are feeling insecure, powerless, or frustrated. By practicing all these tools, it becomes easier to also apply the learned abilities in the home situation where you need them the most.


Who can take this course

This workshop to mindful parenting offers mothers, fathers and other persons who regularly take care of children the opportunity to be introduced to some basic tools to manage stress and build resilience. This course includes mindfulness and breathing practices and provides some theoretical background in neuroscience to better understand how to stay calm and responsive in difficult parenting situations.

Course setting

  • 2 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Currently only online courses are possible. As soon as possible face-to-face courses will be organized

What is included in the course

  • Formal practice – mindfulness meditation techniques, mindful movements techniques – sitting, lying, standing or moving 
  • Informal practice using examples and situations from real life
  • Sharing experience in the group as well as personal exploration and guidance
  • Information on stress physiology and our reactions to stressful situations
  • eading references and keys to understand various type of situations
  • Audio recordings to support with the daily practice

What do you need for a successful experience?

  • The course does not request special preliminary knowledge and skills. It is based on the experience and personal observation of the participants both during the sessions, home practice and in daily life.
  • The mindfulness course outcomes are based on mobilising internal resources. Commitment to a daily practice of 20-30 minutes is expected when registering the course. While this requirement may seem difficult to achieve for some, it often proves to be easier than it looks, as the practice itself creates gradually the necessary space in our mind and life for the practice.   
  • A quiet room for the daily practice, as much as possible
  • A yoga mat (or equivalent) for the mindful movements practice

Energy exchange

Information will be provided once the course will be scheduled

We organize regularly these courses. For scheduled courses please register using the link below.

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