Mihaela Thuring

Mindfulness Trainer, Psychologist

“The adventure of the life is not to try out of ordinary things, but to learn to understand what is meaningful action for you in the present moment, to have the wisdom and courage to pursue it and to wait and see where it will take you.”

Mihaela is a certified mindfulness teacher, and a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist as well as expert in the LCA environmental impact which completes her multifaceted professional background.

She holds an M.A. in Managerial Communication and Human Resources, an M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Management and is specialized in existential therapy and logotherapy. Her work experience covers a number of countries (Romania, Denmark, Hungary, South Sudan, Belgium) and organizational settings (private but also public organisations, including research institutes and UN experience).

Throughout her career she has pursued her two main passions: making a difference to the lives of individuals and making a contribution to some of the key societal challenges of our days. As social beings, understanding the link between the individual wellbeing and the society is an important aspect for finding our balance.

Mihaela’s experience with meditation began in the early ‘90s, when she started practicing yoga and various types of meditation. Discovering yoga and Buddhist philosophy many aspects of life became more coherent, with an enlarged perspective of the world and life. Practicing gave her energy, and from time to time the meditative experiences were particularly deep and fulfilling. However, having had a back injury, the resistance of the body was still there, took time and several steps to learn how to deal with the discomfort and pain, with each step of the process bringing growth and deeper understanding.

Over the years she attended various courses, such as NLP, and Enneagram system, trying to deepen her understanding through connections between different knowledge systems, employing a scientifically oriented approach. With her background in psychology and her own back pain due to a history of bulged disks she took a particular interest in the optimal approach of dealing with various health conditions. After becoming an MBSR certified teacher she took an additional course on mindfulness for health with Breathworks Mindfulness, a leading organisation in helping people living with pain, illness, and stress to re-claim their lives.

With a meditation experience spanning over two decades, she wants to use the cumulated knowledge she gained over the years and to dedicate her efforts to promoting mindfulness, to teach people balance through meditative practices, to help them understand the signs of their heart, and to help them make sense of the posts on their path. She believes that finding the inner balance through meditation gradually reveals deeper resources and meanings to our lives, as well as to our society.