Jessica Evsen

Mindfulness Trainer

Jessica Evsen, a compassionate and talented mindfulness teacher and mother of 2, started her own mindfulness journey while suffering from depression during her second pregnancy. The practices of mindfulness allowed her to become more aware of the powerful spiral of thoughts and emotions that can keep us trapped in harmful patterns and behaviours.

She discovered that much of the pain she was experiencing came from a disconnection – from her own body, emotions and a sense of true belonging. Mindfulness and compassion practices gave her the tools to reconnect with life and to drastically alter the way she related to her own experience. Bit by bit this translated into a deep sense of inner peace and a radically different way of approaching the “full catastrophe” of everyday life.  

After some years, Jessica felt the deep longing to share these transformative tools with others – especially with young mothers and parents. While working as an interpreter with the European Commission, she engaged in a 2-year teacher training programme and started teaching mindfulness and compassion practices to a diverse range of participants. She aims at making mindfulness practices accessible to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.  She offers “Mindful with baby”, “Mindful parenting” and regular Mindful Movement sessions for pregnant women. Jessica is also a facilitator of Women’s Circles and is deeply committed to creating safe spaces for authentic connection and expression.  

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Participant feedback from a previous course

“I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough as a mindfulness teacher. Kind, considerate, knowledgeable and enjoyable approach to mindfulness. I wasn’t sure how I would take to the course but I loved every minute, and she has given me tools that have made a real difference to my life.” (Elizabeth)


“The few reserves that I had as we learned that the course would take place online soon evaporated, as we saw that everything was so well organised and that you were able to give the course a clear direction, which was easy to follow. I felt that all the participants shared this feeling.  I feel that I am ready to practice on my own and really cannot wait to put in place my own daily routine.” (Tommi)