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When: May 10 and 24, June 7 and 21

from 20:00 to 21:30 CET 

Optional additional daylong retreat on June 26

Mindfulness teacher: Jessica

Location: online via ZOOM

Energy exchange: 75 Euro

   Weekly mindfulness practice – coming back soon

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Mindfulness teachers:Céline, Mihaela, Barbara and Jessica

Location: online via ZOOM

The equanimity that mindfulness practice brings, the peace and sense of stability in the middle of the chaotic world around us…. these gradually grow in us with practice. Drop by drop, with good days and days of struggle and unrest. We learn to tame the mind and find the middle way of life, with kindness, love, and perseverance. Join us to practice together, to create this bond with the practice and between each other… Because together it is always easier.

We invite you to join weekly mindfulness practice sessions with us. Each time another EQUIMINDS mindfulness teacher will lead the class, allowing you to expand your perspective and experience with each unique style of the teacher while consolidating your skills of awareness, kindness and compassion.

Each session will include:

30 min – mindful movements

30 minutes – mindful meditation – different types

20 min – inquiry and discussion, to reflect on the practice

Making mindfulness accessible to everyone is one of our goals. For this reason, we do not ask for a specific price, but we invite you to choose how much you can pay. We would suggest 5-7 Euro per class, but it is up to you how much it makes you comfortable to pay.

The funds collected from the weekly mindfulness practice will be dedicated to sponsor people who would like to attend a mindfulness course but do not have the financial means to do it, and also to cover the running costs for this website. 

You can pay every time you join the practice, but if you prefer, you can also purchase a 10-classes package. You have the possibility to choose from several price alternatives. 

Scheduled classes – coming back soon

  Our portfolio

Our portfolio includes courses, workshops and retreats designed for organisations as well as for the general public. 

We invite you to express your interest in one and more of the courses included in our portfolio, and we will take your interest into consideration in scheduling our activities.


8-week MBSR standard course

Stress is a pervasive issue in modern society and has become a global public health problem. In recent years mindfulness has been a proven instrument to beat stress and live a calmer, conscious and more fulfilling life. Studies show that the mindfulness practice can help to decrease stress, enhance the ability to deal with illness, facilitate recovery, decrease depressive symptoms and in general improve one’s health. 

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Mindfulness courses in customized format

In welcoming everybody who wants to learn mindfulness we offer courses adapted to specific contexts, such as private classes, or very small groups, or in more intense formats, such as 2h every 6 weeks or 4 weeks  or 1h over 10 weeks. 

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Mindfulness course for health conditions

Managing pain and illness is a daily fact for many of us, aside from a more or less stressful life. The mindfulness techniques taught in this course are adapted to suit dealing with various health issues, and it also provides some more instruments to ease sufferance.

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Mindfulness workshop for people of color

This particular workshop is looking at race as a feature that makes us different, and how can we turn it into an empowering feature. The main question we will ask ourselves during this workshop is: How can mindfulness help with racial trauma? 

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Mindfulness at the work place

Almost all of us have experienced stress at the work place, which can leave people feel tired, burnt out, anxious and vulnerable. Practicing mindfulness not only has physiological benefits for individuals but also has a positive impact on their workplace. Mindfulness helps drive many aspects of a healthy workplace including wellbeing, relationships, and creativity.

This  particular course focuses on developing resilience and the ability to deal with difficult situations at the work place. During stressful periods, people with high levels of resilience will be able to persevere and remain engaged and productive. Mindfulness at work can support resilience by equipping people with the ability to understand their emotions, their level of stress, and their ability to influence them.

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Mindfulness workshop for pregnant women and parents

Becoming a parent is one of the major changes in life, which besides the overwhelming joy can bring also intense stress. This workshop is designed to gradually teach new parents to regulate stress in a different way, to better take care of their own needs and be more attentive with their baby, and/or to improve the interaction with their child.

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Day of Silence

From times to times it is good to take a pause and recharge. During this day we will practice together various mindfulness and yoga techniques and meditations. Mindful walk through nature, mindful eating and the silence will help the mind to settle and reconnect us with our deeper self.

We invite you to try a silent day to reset your balance, find inner peace and put things into perspective through a day of mindfulness practice. 

Weekly mindfulness practice

Once the initial mindfulness training is over, it is sometimes more difficult to continue the practice on your own. Join us for a weekly practice that includes guided mindful movements as well as mindful meditations.

Please express your interest to let us know your availability and we will schedule this activity taking into account your preffered time for practice.



On the way to inner balance a deeper understanding of our mind’s intimate mechanisms is instrumental. We invite you to consolidate your theoretical knowledge with exploring topics such as stress, burnout,  resilience and personal energy and learning simple ways to put them into practice. 

These workshops are organized on demand, for organisations but also for the general public based on the number of interested persons. Therefore please indicate your interest below and we will schedule our activities accordingly.

Understanding stress and burnout and learning coping strategies

Mindset and mindfulness in coping with change and challenge

Resilience training

Personal energy management for inner balance

This is the standard mindfulness program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. The MBSR course is very carefully thought out to gradually teach the techniques but also the correct approach to practice for best results. The effectiveness of MBSR is scientifically documented, and besides the lasting effects, it is a wonderful tool for self-discovery.

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Following Tuesdays, 7h00 – 9h00 pm

25/05, 1/06, 8/06, 15/06, 22/06, 29/06, 6/07, 13/06 – 2021

Mindfulness teacher: Mihaela

Location: online via ZOOM