Course of mindfulness at work place

with Barbara


Mindfulness at work is a course designed to help women and men address the challenges of working, to develop personal resilience, well-being at work and tapping into their creativity and strength. You will be able to develop your own personal tools to deal with work-related stress, but also stress that comes from trying to better balance your work and private life. The course is open to employees and managers alike.


Who can take this course

This course is for all of you who are interested in managing stress and improving well-being at the place of work. This includes not only those who are in employment, but also those who are seeking employment and those who are in human resources. You will learn different mindfulness practices, including breathing and yoga exercises.  The course will also familiarize you with the causes of stress and how to stay calm and responsive in such situations.

Setting of the course of mindfulness at the work place

  • 5 evening sessions of 2 hours each over 5 weeks
  • Currently only online courses are possible. As soon as possible face-to-face courses will be organized

What is included in the course

  • Formal practice – mindfulness meditation techniques, mindful movements techniques – sitting, lying, standing or moving; 
  • Informal practice using examples and situations from working life
  • Sharing experience in the group as well as personal exploration and guidance;
  • Information on stress physiology and our reactions to stressful situations at work;
  • Additional information sources and reading materials to support your continuing practice of mindfulness
  • Audio recordings to support the daily practice

What do you need for a successful experience?

  • The course does not require any special knowledge and skills, or previous meditation experience. It relies on the ongoing experience and personal observations of the participants during the sessions, while doing the home practice and in their daily life.
  • The mindfulness course aims to tap into the richness of your inner resources. For that to happen, you are expected to commit to a daily practice of 20-30 minutes. While this requirement may seem difficult at first, it often proves to be easier what we expect
  • A quiet place for the daily practice, to the extent that it is possible
  • A yoga mat (or equivalent) for the mindful movements practice

Energy exchange

EURO 200

(course costs may be eligible for reimbursement by your Mutualité)

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