4-sessions course
Introduction to mindfulness
with Jessica

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  • We will learn about stress, and explore our own behavioral, physical, emotional, and cognitive stress patterns and more skillful responses to these patterns.
  • In each class, there will be periods of mindfulness practice, group discussions, and talks and practices related to that week’s topics.
  • You will receive MP3s with meditations along with weekly home practice assignments.
  • Expect your daily home practice to be more or less 30 minutes per day. Make sure that you can set aside this time for daily practice.


Course setting

  • Information session of around 1.5 hours
  • 4 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each
  • One day of mindfulness  retreat is a possibility to deepen the practices acquired during the course and to meet in person in Brussels. The retreat can be booked separately and is not included in the course fee. More detailed information will be given during the course.

Special requirements

  • This course is given in the framework of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Programme with the renowned international teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfieldan that Jessica is following.
  • For educational purposes, the course will be recorded. Interested participants will be asked to sign an agreement to reflect this. Also, an evaluation form will need to be filled in at the end of the course. This is exclusively for teacher development and assessment purposes and thus only other mindfulness teachers and teacher-trainers will be viewing the material.
  • It is also necessary that all participants are committed to be present for all 4 sessions so that Jessica has a consistent group to guide through the course. Due to these extra constraints for the participants, the course fee is significantly lower than the regular fee of a 4-week Mindfulness course.  

What do you need for a successful experience?

  • The course does not request special preliminary knowledge and skills. It is based on the experience and personal observation of the participants both during the sessions, home practice and in daily life.
  • Mindfulness practice outcomes are based on mobilising internal resources. Commitment to a daily practice of 30 minutes is expected when registering the course. While this requirement may seem difficult to achieve for some, it often proves to be easier than it looks, as the practice itself creates gradually the necessary space in our mind and life for the practice.   
  • A quiet room for the daily practice, as much as possible

Energy exchange

75 Euro   >  to be paid in the bank account indicated below:

Beneficiary: EQUIMINDS VZW

Bank account: BE79 7350 5922 3033

Bank: KBC Belgium


IBAN: BE79 7350 5922 3033

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