Mission and vision

At Equiminds we aspire, through the practice of meditation, mindful movement and community activities, to work towards a more wakeful society that promotes balance and kindness as ways of inner growth as well as interaction with the others and healing. By integrating the principles of mindfulness in our daily life we aim to develop wisdom, character and strength with maturity, compassion and love.

Our values


Nowadays, in a society struggling to become sustainably integrated with its natural environment, and in which mental challenges are increasing, it is ever more relevant to find the right ways to bring balance to ourselves, and through it, to our society.  Similar to what Dalai Lama says that ‘peace in the world depends on peace within’, it is difficult to see how we can achieve a sustainable economy and society without having ourselves a balanced and coherent, meaningful individual life. meditation is a precious and necessary tool in finding the inner balance and establishing a healthy connection with the deeper self but also with the others.



You are as important as the community since you’re part of the whole. At Equiminds we emphasize the importance of openness and inclusive Mindfulness. Our community reflects the diversity of the world we live in, so wherever you’re from, whatever your background, your religion, your sexual orientation, your age, your sickness, we are more than happy to be a part of your learning path.

Kindness and compassion

When engaging in a mindfulness practice, we also learn to rediscover a warmth and kindness towards ourselves and the people around us. For many of us, the inner critic determines how we relate to our experience – we tend to talk to ourselves in a harsh and judgmental way. But we can learn to reprogram this by reconnecting to our innate capacity to be compassionate and kind. This starts with ourselves and then ripples out organically to the people we relate to.


Alleviate suffering

Sufferance comes in many forms and intensities, sometimes as raw physical pain, other times as psychological, or both. Our natural reflex is to resist pain and illness, but what if this struggle only makes the sufferance worse?  Research supports that meditation, in general, can reshape neural pathways, thus alleviating pain sometimes more efficiently than most commonly prescribed painkillers. Through the mindfulness practice, meditators start to gradually see the interconnectedness of all human suffering, finding inside them the place from where acceptance and transcendence of pain can be achieved.


While mindfulness begins as an individual practice, when it is practiced together it is more likely to gain deeper roots and to extend its benefits to the larger community. Dr. M. Hyman: “The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital”. Looking at communities in Okinawa in Japan or Ikaria in Greece, we see the importance of support of your social circle during the ups and downs of your own life. That is why we organise regular sessions where we meditate together, but also a time to check in. Staying connected after the course, providing support to overcome obstacles in the meditation practice, is something that we value and that is beneficial.

Meet Our TEAM

We started together as aspiring mindfulness teachers, and while random chance put us in the same practice group, commitment, dedication and common passion for meditation and teaching forged the bond between us, turning it into a mature friendship. The decision to continue as a group was so natural, and is complementarity to our competencies and focus. Thus, while mindfulness and balance are at the core of our enterprise, each of us brings an enriched perspective through their own experience and expertise, be it as an artist and person of colour, as a parent, as a psychologist or women empowerment perspective. It brings us genuine joy to share our knowledge  and experience in a professional, kind manner. 

How we work

Our formula for organisations

Our formula for individuals