Equiminds is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing mindfulness practice and values to individuals and society alike. 

The mindful way

Stress is a pervasive issue in modern society and has become a global public health problem. In recent years mindfulness has been a proven instrument to beat stress and live a calmer, conscious and more fulfilling life. Studies show that the mindfulness practice can help to decrease stress, enhance the ability to deal with illness, facilitate recovery, decrease depressive symptoms and in general improve one’s health. 

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Train with us

Our portfolio includes courses, workshops and retreats designed for organisations as well as for the general public. As a team we can offer the standard 8-week MBSR course as well as a range of mindfulness-based courses focused on specific public categories, encompassing workplace, health, parenting and social inclusion.

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A balanced life for a sustainable society

As a society we struggle to find ways to coexist in a sustainable manner with our planet and the biosphere. Technology and economic paradigms try to provide solutions and various studies and policies look for the most efficient mechanisms to make it work. But will we really find the answer to the societal balance problems without finding a way to first experience this balance as individuals, or as families, communities, organisations? Through mindfulness we want to bring our own contribution to the general effort and cultivate the inner balance, mirroring the words of Dalai Lama that, “the peace in the world depends on the peace within”.

Continuous adaptation to change

“The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus). But fear of change and the clinging to the status quo is also a constant. Our times however bring change upon us with such intensity that learning how to adapt to it becomes imperative. To address our resistance to change is to adopt the continuous learning mindset. Our education system covers our learning needs only for the beginning of our life, up to when we can earn our living. Afterward is up to us how we handle whatever challenges life brings us. Through mindfulness we learn to observe change, to understand how it affects us, to find better responses, and to gradually accept and embrace it.

Our courses

Our portfolio includes courses, workshops and retreats designed for organisations as well as for the general public. As a team we provide mindfulness training courses, as well as workshops covering a wider focus, encompassing workplace, health, parenting and social inclusion.

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We invite you to express your interest in one or more of the courses included in our portfolio, and we will take your interest into consideration in scheduling our activities.


This is the standard mindfulness program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. The MBSR course is very carefully thought out to gradually teach the techniques but also the correct approach to practice for best results. The effectiveness of MBSR is scientifically documented, and besides the lasting effects, it is a wonderful tool for self-discovery.

In welcoming everybody who wants to learn mindfulness we offer courses adapted to specific contexts, such as private classes, or very small groups, or in more intense formats, of 6 weeks or 4 weeks.

Managing pain and illness is a daily fact for many of us, aside from a more or less stressful life. The mindfulness techniques taught in this course are adapted to suit dealing with various health issues, and it also provides some more instruments to ease sufferance.

This particular workshop is looking at race as a feature that makes us different, and how can we turn it into an empowering feature. The main question we will ask ourselves during this workshop is: How can mindfulness help with racial trauma?

Becoming a parent is one of the major changes in life, which besides the overwhelming joy can bring also intense stress. This workshop is designed to gradually teach new parents to regulate stress in a different way, to better take care of their own needs and be more attentive with their baby, and/or to improve the interaction with their child.

Mindfulness at work is a course designed to help women and men address the challenges of working, to develop personal resilience, well-being at work and tapping into their creativity and strength. You will be able to develop your own personal tools to deal with work-related stress, but also stress that comes from trying to better balance your work and private life. The course is open to employees and managers alike.


Stress is a regular part of life, it has always been. However, it is not always easy to cope with stress, and at times it becomes really difficult, even overwhelming and too much to bear. But it doesn't have to be this way. This workshop will explain the mechanisms of stress and teach ways to improve your ability to deal with it. Various theoretical perspectives, as well as practical tools, complement each other with the sole goal to provide you with the necessary tools to regain control of your inner balance and wellbeing.

The power of our mind is often mentioned as an important tool throughout our life. It is however not common knowledge how it actually works, and what helps improve its efficacy. This workshop will guide you to understand the mechanisms of our mind, its' function and role in our beings, and how to build the right relationship with our mind. Furthermore, effective ways to navigate change in life, but also challenging situations, are presented, shedding light on how we can use the mind's own features to master the ups and downs of our life. The laws of the mind and the laws of change will provide you with a unique understanding of both dealing with change and generating the successfull change you need in your life.

This workshop provides you with the theoretical and practical framework for enhancing your inner ability of resilience to various adverse events, be they stressful job, or difficult relations, social pressure or unexpected circumstances.

What gives you energy? What takes your energy? Do you use well your inner resources? Besides a psychometric framework to assess your inner balance, this workshop will provide also insights into key tools that can increase your awareness of your inner energy and to manage it skillfully.



A few times a year we will organize one-day mindfulness retreats as part of the mindfulness training. Taking just one day from time to time to return to ourselves, to reconnect and reset, is a wonderful way of cultivating balance and wisdom in our life. As after each in-breath, there is an out-breath, after each high tide comes low tide, and after a period of intense work and life events it is necessary to rest, replenish our resources, and reconnect with our core deep in our hearts, where the mind is silent, and just the pulsing flow of life brings us back to just being for a while.

The equanimity that mindfulness practice brings, the peace and sense of stability in the middle of the chaotic world around us.... these gradually grow in us with practice. Drop by drop, with good days and days of struggle and unrest, we learn together to tame the mind and find the middle way of life. With kindness, love, and perseverance. Join us to practice together, to create this bond with the practice and between each other... Because together it is always easier.

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